Repeater's data:HG9RVA

Callsign: HG9RVA
Name/QTH: Kis-kőhát (Bükk)
QTH Locator: KN08FB85gw
Mode: FM
Downlink: 145725.0 kHz Channel:RV58 Channel (old name):R5
Uplink: 145125.0 kHz
Status: active
Activation mode: CTCSS
ASL: 979 m
CTCSS (DL/UL) [Hz]: 114.8/114.8
TX Power: 20.0 W (13.0 dBW)
ERP: No data
Echolink node number: 382993
Equipment: 2 * Motorola GM-300
Antenna: DIAMOND X200
Ant. Gain: 3 dB


Date Description
2018.05.26. The Echolink connection works again.
2018.05.11. The Echolink connection is out of order.
2017.04.30. Power restored, working again.
2017.04.18. Out of order due to electricity issues.
2015.09.02. Working again.
2015.08.30. Out of order.
2014.08.01. The repeater works.
2014.07.31. Out of order due to lightning strike.
2014.04.23. Change of CTCSS tone. Old: 88,5 Hz New: 114,8 Hz
2008.07.20. Echolink registration