HAM Repeater's in Hungary - List of changes


Changes in last 180 days:

Date Callsign Name/QTH Description
2024.01.25. HG1RVD Győr (Nyúl-hegy)
2023.12.19. HG8RVE Gyula The repeater is working again.
2023.10.23. HG2RUD Balatonfűzfő End of test period, currently switched off. The restart is expected at a later date.
2023.10.14. HG0RUB Sátoraljaújhely The repeater moved from Nyiregyhaza to Satoraljaujhely.
2023.09.30. HG2RUJ Tatabánya The repeater moved to a new QTH. The old QTH was Oreg-Kovacs-hegy
2023.09.28. HG6RVA Galyatető (Mátra) Antenna type was changed to 2 x Diamond X50