HAM Repeater's in Hungary - List of changes


Changes in last 180 days:

Date Callsign Name/QTH Description
2017.12.27. HG9RVC Sátoraljaújhely The connection to HG9RUA is working from now again.
2017.12.21. HG2RVX Gerecse Out of order.
2017.12.21. HG5RUX Budapest Out of order.
2017.12.21. HG6RVX Galyatető (Mátra) Out of order.
2017.12.21. HG2RUX Kab-hegy Out of order.
2017.12.06. HG9RVC Sátoraljaújhely Working again. The connetion to HG9RUA still unavailable.
2017.12.01. HG2RUI Esztergom (Vaskapu-hegy) New repeater
2017.11.23. HG9RVC Sátoraljaújhely Out of order due to maintenance
2017.10.26. HG2RVG Tihany Out of order due to maintenance.
2017.09.12. HG3RVB Fonyód (Balaton) There is 107,2 Hz tone on downlink.