HAM Repeater's in Hungary - List of changes


Changes in last 180 days:

Date Callsign Name/QTH Description
2019.05.18. HG1RVD Győr (Nyúl-hegy) The repeater is accessible via Echolink from now.
2019.04.28. HG8RUB Békéscsaba The Echolink node of the repeater can be accessed via node 304308 from now. The call sign is HG8RUB-R.
2019.03.05. HG5RVA Budapest (Hármashatár-hegy) Working again, but only in C4FM
2019.03.04. HG9RVC Sátoraljaújhely Echolink connection is restored, working again.
2019.02.26. HG9RVC Sátoraljaújhely Echolink is out of order due to internet connection issues.
2019.01.15. HG9RVA Kis-kőhát (Bükk)
2019.01.15. HG9RUE Kis-kőhát (Bükk)
2018.12.24. HG2RUJ Öreg-Kovács-hegy New repeater.
2018.12.21. HG9RVA Kis-kőhát (Bükk)
2018.12.21. HG9RUE Kis-kőhát (Bükk)