Repeater's data:HG8RUB

Callsign: HG8RUB
Name/QTH: Békéscsaba
QTH Locator: KN06NQ
Mode: FM/C4FM
Downlink: 439000.0 kHz Channel:RU720
Uplink: 431400.0 kHz
Status: active
Activation mode: Carrier
ASL: 107 m
CTCSS (DL/UL) [Hz]: 131.8/--
TX Power: 16.0 W (12.0 dBW)
ERP: No data
Echolink node number: 304308
Equipment: Yaesu DR1XE
Antenna: Collinear
Ant. Gain: 10 dB


Date Description
2019.04.28. The Echolink node of the repeater can be accessed via node 304308 from now. The call sign is HG8RUB-R.
2016.07.21. The repeter is accessible on Echolink from now. Node: 648175
2016.04.02. Antenna change, 10 dB gain on uplink
2016.04.01. The repearter uses 131,8 Hz CTCSS tone on downlink only.
2016.03.24. Working in C4FM/FM mode from now.
2014.12.13. Frequency change from 438725 to 439000 kHz.
2014.11.20. Now on new frequency. Old freq:434650/433050 kHz
2013.02.01. Out of order.