Repeater's data:HG6RUD

Callsign: HG6RUD
Name/QTH: Hatvan
QTH Locator: JN97UQ33nl
Mode: DMR
Downlink: 438225.0 kHz Channel:RU658
Uplink: 430625.0 kHz
Status: active
ASL: 188 m
TX Power: 25.0 W (14.0 dBW)
ERP: No data
Equipment: MMDVM, Motorola GM 340
Antenna: Lambda BC70-5G
Ant. Gain: 4.5 dB
Owner: HA5CHK
Remarks: DMR ID: 216760 Color code: 8
DMR ID: 216760
Color Code: 8


Date Description
2018.10.12. Working again.
2018.09.12. Out of order due to maintenance.
2017.02.21. New repeater.