Repeater's data:HG6RUC

Callsign: HG6RUC
Name/QTH: Kékestető
QTH Locator: KN07AU19og
Mode: DMR
Downlink: 438575.0 kHz Channel:RU686
Uplink: 430975.0 kHz
Status: active
ASL: 1037 m
TX Power: No data
ERP: No data
Equipment: Hytera RD-625
Antenna: Sirio Sa 705N
Ant. Gain: 7.1 dB
Owner: HA5KDR
Remarks: Previously, operated from Galyateto.
DMR ID: 216710
Color Code: 8


Date Description
2020.12.23. The repeater is working agin on a new QTH.
2020.05.09. The repeater has finished operating and has been dismantled.
2018.09.20. Working again.
2018.09.16. Out of order due to technical issues.