Repeater's data:HG5RVB

Callsign: HG5RVB
Name/QTH: Budapest (Svábhegy)
QTH Locator: JN97LM60sh
Mode: FM
Downlink: 145600.0 kHz Channel:RV48 Channel (old name):R0
Uplink: 145000.0 kHz
Status: active
Activation mode: CTCSS
ASL: 500 m
CTCSS (DL/UL) [Hz]: 114.8/114.8
TX Power: 10.0 W (10.0 dBW)
ERP: 25.0 W (14.0 dBW)
Equipment: 2 * GM-340
Antenna: Hy-Gain V2R
Ant. Gain: 6 dB
Owner: HA5KDR
Remarks: Crosslink repeater. Tx-Rx on 29250 kHz. Must be use PTT twice to start the repeater.


Date Description
2014.05.06. CTCSS Change. Old: 88,5 Hz New: 114,8 Hz
2013.12.30. Introducing CTCSS on uplink (88.5 Hz)
2013.12.30. Antenna has changed: Hy-Gain V2R
2013.10.06. Introducing CTCSS on Downlink (88.5 Hz)