Repeater's data:HG5RUA

Callsign: HG5RUA
Name/QTH: Budapest
QTH Locator: JN97MN02
Mode: C4FM
Downlink: 438825.0 kHz Channel:RU706
Uplink: 431225.0 kHz
Status: inactive
ASL: 477 m
TX Power: No data
ERP: 14.6 W (11.6 dBW)
Equipment: Yaesu DR-1X
Antenna: Hy-gain V4r
Ant. Gain: 5.2 dB
Owner: HA0LC


Date Description
2020.10.12. The repeater is out of order.
2017.07.18. New repeater. Works only C4FM mode.