Repeater's data:HG2RUD

Callsign: HG2RUD
Name/QTH: Balatonfűzfő
QTH Locator: JN97AB
Mode: FM
Downlink: 439450.0 kHz Channel:RU756
Uplink: 431850.0 kHz
Status: inactive
Activation mode: CTCSS
ASL: 150 m
CTCSS (DL/UL) [Hz]: 107.2/107.2
TX Power: 6.0 W (7.8 dBW)
ERP: No data
Echolink node number: 932036
Equipment: 2* GM-340
Antenna: Sirio 705
Ant. Gain: 7 dB
Owner: HA5KDR
Remarks: It operated on Kabhegy until 2020-06-02.


Date Description
2023.10.23. End of test period, currently switched off. The restart is expected at a later date.
2022.08.13. The repeater has restarted in test mode from a temporary QTH.
2020.06.02. The repeater has finished operating and has been dismantled.
2014.05.08. The repeater restarted. The new aerial is a V4R.
2014.02.20. Antenna failure. Switched off.
2013.12.20. Echolink registration done: HG2RUD-R, Node: 932036
2013.10.28. Working now. Temporarily Echolink connection via HA7PTY-L.
2013.09.23. End of thesting phase. Out of order.
2013.09.19. Installed. Testing phase.