Repeater's data:HG1RUB

Callsign: HG1RUB
Name/QTH: Sopron
QTH Locator: JN87GP89gw
Mode: C4FM/D-Star/DMR
Downlink: 439375.0 kHz Channel:RU750
Uplink: 431775.0 kHz
Status: active
ASL: 432 m
TX Power: 15.0 W (11.8 dBW)
ERP: 15.0 W (11.8 dBW)
Equipment: Yaesu DR-1X
Antenna: 5/8 lamda
Ant. Gain: 3 dB
Owner: HA1KSS
DMR ID: 216108
Color Code: 8


Date Description
2018.11.25. The repeater works in C4FM, D-Star and DMR mode. The analog access has terminated.
2017.03.10. The repeater working in C4FM mode too, from now.
2014.12.19. Frequency change. New: 439375 kHz, Old: 434725/433125 kHz. CTCSS will be introduced any time in the near future (107,2 Hz)