Beacon HG6BSC


Callsign: HG6BSC
Frequency: 24048.912 MHz
Name/QTH: Koros-berc
QTH Locator: KN08FB47dh
Mode: A1A
ASL: 954 m
AGL: 25 m
Keeper: HG9AR
Antenna: Slot 8
Polarization: H
Radiation pattern: Omnidirection
TX Power: 1.0 W
ERP: 3.0 dBW
Status: Not oper.
Last change: 2023-03-02


Date Details
2020-10-03 Working again
2020-08-22 Out of order
2020-07-06 Previously operated from QTH Tokaj with the call sign HG9BSX.